What is CBD Oil Hemp Extract?

CBD Oil Hemp Extract contains a specially cultivated Hemp Extract that is domestically grown and infused with naturally occurring phytocannabinoids. CBD Oil Hemp Extract is a premium blend of activated cannabinoids known to help with many aliments. Our proprietary Full Spectrum CBD Oil Hemp Extract blend ensure that CB1 and CB2 receptors are activated at its full potential. The Endocannabinoids helps regulate various biological processes, including homeostatic functions. It has been acknowledged that phytocannabinoids are an all-natural way to support the ECS.

How can I be sure of the quality?

Super critical CO2 extraction and triple distilled to get the purest oil possible. Third party lab result are available.  We source our CBD Oil Hemp Extract directly from organic farmers in Oregon and Colorado and we can trace our seed to plant to bottle.  We manufacture all our finished products in a 25,000 square foot cGMP and FDA registered manufacturing facility in the DFW area that is dedicated to hemp and CBD products. CBD Oil Hemp Extract pump contains a proprietary blend of high quality omega-3 fatty acid oils, cold press citrus oil, Non Gmo Hemp Seed oil, Organic Grape seed oil, along with extracts extracted from domestically grown, farm bill compliant, and laboratory tested hemp, to ensure quality.

Is it legal?  Will it show up on a drug test?
Yes!  We are legal in all 50 states!  No!  Our organic hemp extract is 100% free of THC and will not appear in a drug test!  Here's why: Under the Cannabis umbrella is both hemp and marijuana.  Different plants.  Different properties.  Hemp is the best source of CBD, is non-psychoactive and will not alter a persons's state of mind.  Sometimes contamination or cross-pollination can happen when farming other varieties of Cannabis, but we ensure that our product is farmed and processed to maintain it's pure form.

Is this a MLM company?
No!  This is a custom product line I've developed with a Dallas based nutraceutical company.  I wanted to provide wellness resources for my students and community looking for better quality of life.    I do offer wholesale opportunities to carry the product in your business.

What is CBD good for?
-reduce anxiety
-reduce inflammation and manage pain
-reduce nausea
-decreased seizures and spasms
-relieves autoimmune disease symptoms
-supports restful sleep
-prevent and support cancer management
-can soothe skin irritations like psoriasis
-eases migraines 

How do I take it?
I currently have four formulas. 
LW Full Spectrum CBD 1000mg in a convenient calibrated pump for overall wellness.
LW CBD SLEEP 500mg capsules with Melatonin, Valerian and Lemon Balm to rest and repair.
LW CBD FOCUS 500mg capsules with Ashwagandha, Kava and B-12 for a calm focus.
LW CBD 350mg Balm with Menthol for sore muscles and joints.

Coming soon!  LiveWell Kombucha with CBD!

There are so many CBD choices now.  How do I know this is a quality product?
The industry is growing quickly as people learn about the benefits.  Hemp is the least processed plant and is the best source for medicinal CBD.  We can trace our product back to its seed and guard the process to ensure its purity and quality.  I work directly with the lab to choose the potency and supporting ingredients to create a product I can stand behind.  I trust it so much, I put my name on it!

Where do learn more or buy it?  
You can purchase through my website or keep up with the latest products and information on Instagram.  The product is currently carried by The Sports Pod and Boyd Massage.  More retail locations launching 2019!  Still have questions?  Email me!  jenny@livewell-jennyhunter.com

How to I purchase wholesale to carry LiveWell CBD in my business?  
Email me!  I will send you the current price sheet and educate you on how to share the product with your clients.