Dream Big

How do you measure success? Have you settled for mediocre? What are your values? Are you living your best life? Or are you living someone else's expectations?

Jenny has a passion for helping you navigate life's options and design your life based on YOUR talents, passions and skills, after identifying what's holding you back from a life of abundance and freedom!

This workshop is interactive, thought provoking and inspiring! Bring a friend who wants to level up!

Jenny is a single mother of three teens who started from scratch 8 years ago. Now she has two growing businesses and lives a life she loves! Abundance isn't just financial. For Jenny, living authentically and enjoying vibrant health and quality relationships are just as valuable. Come discover what's possible for you in 2019


LiveWell Yoga Workshops

Jenny uses her knowledge of the Iyengar method, woven with real talk from the yoga sutras to help guide students in a pivotal experience. She reaches beginners and the seasoned yogi, with a special skill for accommodating injury or limitation.

Jenny is booking 2019 spring dates now!


Balance: Establishing a Solid Foundation

Inversion Junkie

Free your Wings: Healthy Shoulders

Twists: Finding Freedom

LiveWell Dream Big: Creating a Life You Love